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Engine & Fuel System Repairs

Car engines are complicated pieces of machinery. If something goes wrong, the problem could be with the fuel pump, sensors, PCV valves, or emissions among other components. When that annoying "check engine" light flashes on, the best course is to take your car to a trusted mechanic ASAP. At Purrfect Auto in Pomona, we provide a full range of engine and fuel system repairs to keep your vehicle running strong and your family safe on the road.

 Engine Repair Pomona

  • Engine Repair Services
  • Cylinder & Head Gasket Replacement
  • Fuel injection service and component analysis
  • Fuel pump services
  • Carburetor rebuilding and set ups
  • Fuel tank replacements and services
  • Gas gauge and fuel tank sending unit services
  • Diesel injection service
  • Throttle body repairs and cleaning
  • Leak diagnostics and services
  • Engine replacement services
  • Timing chain and timing belt services
  • Valve work, valve grinding, and cylinder head repairs


A number of factors can cause the check engine light to flash on when your car starts, or to stay on while you drive. For best results, schedule regular tune-ups with a member of the Purrfect Auto repair team.


Schedule Your Engine Repair in Pomona


It's not enough to get your oil changed a few times a year. To keep your vehicle functioning at top capacity, you also need to schedule regular engine inspections and have any issues repaired ASAP. Not only do we offer a 100 percent warranty on parts and labor, but we also provide written estimates of repairs, so there aren't any surprises when you receive your bill. Call today or contact us online for service—we look forward to seeing you.